How to choose a dump truck?

How to choose a dump truck?

How to choose a dump truck?

In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic economy, the acceleration of infrastructure construction and the rapid development of logistics industry, heavy vehicles have been widely used in China, and the market demand has further increased. The dump truck chassis is high, cross-country performance is good, flexible steering, and easy to unload, which is an indispensable tool in engineering construction; but the high chassis of dump truck means its high center of gravity and poor stability. This requires drivers to pay more attention to traffic safety and drive steadily when driving.

With the development of dump trucks and the improvement of domestic purchasing power, dump trucks are not omnipotent dump trucks that can do any work in the traditional sense. Shaanxi Auto Company defines and subdivides dump truck products according to the different cargo, different working conditions and different regions transported by dump trucks.

Users are required to provide specific usage information when purchasing vehicles, such as what to do? Distance? Traffic? Speed? Data requirements related to operations, etc.

First of all, when choosing chassis, customers usually consider the economic benefits, such as: chassis price, loading quality, overloading capacity, 100 kilometers of fuel consumption, maintenance fees and so on. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of safe driving, users should also focus on the following parameters of the whole vehicle:

1. The height of the plane above the chassis frame from the ground. In the industry, the plane height of 6×4 chassis frame is generally 1200 mm. The bigger the value, the higher the gravity center of the whole vehicle, the easier to cause overturning. The main factors affecting the numerical value are tire diameter, suspension arrangement and cross-section height of the main frame. Considering the normal use of customers, 12.00R20 meridian tire is widely deployed in the industry. Through continuous optimization of suspension and frame, Shaanxi Auto Company reduces the center of gravity of the whole vehicle. The upper plane height of 6*4 dump truck chassis frame is 1100 mm from the ground, which is 100 mm lower than that of the industry. Under the premise of ensuring safe driving, tire wear is further reduced.


2. Reasonable matching of wheelbase and rear suspension. If the rear suspension will affect the lift stability of dump trucks, resulting in lift and rollover accidents. Through precise matching of chassis and big box, Shaanxi Auto adjusts the wheelbase and rear suspension of the whole vehicle, so that it can really achieve full load uphill without warping, turning and driving without drifting.


3. Dump trucks have high requirements for steering. Especially in mountainous areas such as southwest China, there are many slopes and bends in the road. Long-term full-load driving can easily lead to high oil temperature of steering system, cause internal pressure relief of the system, make drivers feel heavy in the direction, easily cause driving fatigue, and bring potential safety hazards to the driving. Shaanxi Auto Company matches large cylinder diameter steering gear and increases dispersion by optimizing the turning angle. Hot steel pipe, industry maximum turning angle, minimum turning diameter reduced by 2.7 meters, good turning, steering performance industry is the best.


4. Dump trucks are mainly used for short-distance resource backhaul, with complex road conditions and relatively frequent braking. Distribution valves are used in the front axle and relay valves in the rear axle of most automobiles in the industry. The common soil method for the soft brake problem reflected by the maintenance points on the market to customers is to restructure the surface of the “brake King King King King King King King King King King King King King King King King King King King King King king, but at the same time it brings empty Trailer tyres, and it is easy to break the brake drum. Actually, the pressure of the braking system has not changed, and it is easy to cause braking force attenuation. The 16-TON MAN cast bridge of Shaanxi Auto Dump Truck is matched with 410 x 220 mm variable cross-section brake shoe pads to ensure the braking safety and stability. At the same time, oil-water separator is added to the brake system to reduce the failure rate of brake system valves and effectively improve the vehicle attendance rate. Match with multi-way driving relay valve, so that you can really hold the brake lightly and not nod your head heavily.


Compared with road transport vehicles, dump trucks have unique demands for products because of their complex and changeable tonnage and working conditions. Driving safety is the driver’s pursuit direction. Shaanxi Auto Company has established the lowest center of gravity of dump trucks and the safest steering and braking as its primary goal, which has won the trust of customers. It has launched Delong F3000, New M3000 and X3000 successively. Products, continue to lead the industry dump truck product upgrading.