How to choose a tractor truck?

How to choose a tractor truck?

How to choose a tractor truck?

Trunk line logistics, load-sharing logistics, building materials and construction machinery transportation are all inseparable from tractors. How to choose a suitable tractor to meet the economic and efficient requirements of customers, we need to consider two major aspects of power transmission system and bearing capacity, and then consider their own functional needs, and choose the right vehicle.


Make clear the goods you often transport 


If you know the goods you transport often, you can basically know whether your vehicle will be overloaded frequently. For example, the possibility of overloading of tractors pulling building materials or sanding stones is very high, so you must consider the heavy haul version of tractors. The influence of vehicle bearing capacity is embodied in three major aspects: frame, suspension and bridge, of course, also related to tires, transmission shafts, etc., but heavy truck enterprises will make corresponding matches, users can not consider; due to the different product versions of each enterprise, there is no uniform boundaries between the standard version, the heavy-duty version and the overload version, but the standard version. The overloaded version is generally less than 55 tons, the overloaded version is 55-70 tons or 65-90 tons, and the overloaded version is more than 70 tons or more than 90 tons. The overloaded version usually chooses two-storey girder frame, and the overloaded version even chooses three-storey girder frame, such as large tractor.


For suspension, the Standard Version vehicle can choose less leaf spring or air suspension before and after, light weight; heavy-duty version vehicle can choose more leaf spring before and after, while for overload version vehicle, it needs to choose reinforced suspension; corresponding to different load tonnage, it needs to choose the front and rear axles and wheel side deceleration bridges of corresponding tonnage.


Because different versions of tractors have different design load tonnage and the heavy-duty version is heavier than the standard version of the same configuration vehicle, so the label version of the vehicle may have frequent problems with heavy work; the heavy-duty version of the vehicle pull-out labeling, the economy and timeliness are poor.


Identify the route and usual speed


Highway in plain area has better road condition, basically no or few slopes, and the common speed of tractor is 80-100Km/h. For example, in the middle and eastern part of long distance running, we can consider high horsepower engine and low speed ratio bridge, which will improve speed and timeliness. Highway in hilly area or mountainous area has more climbing pavement and relatively high speed. For complex and speed-limited roads, the speed is generally only 50-70Km/h. Vehicles need a certain overload capacity, so it is not recommended to choose a low speed ratio bridge, and it is recommended to choose a two-stage bridge.


How to choose the parameters of engine, gearbox and bridge, we need to consider the road condition and the common speed synthetically. We can refer to the data of engine economic speed zone, transmission top gear, climbing gear ratio and bridge speed ratio. The truck house provides a simple calculating tool for you to refer to. In recent two years, the trend of tractor high horsepower is obvious. On the one hand, it is the role of enterprise promotion, on the other hand, it can adapt to long-distance transportation. It has a wide transport area and complicated road conditions. For special line users and short-and medium-distance transport users, they should choose the high-powered engine according to their own situation, not blindly follow.


Make clear what special requirement on this tractor truck


This part can be seen from two major aspects of chassis and cab, for example, chassis needs to be equipped with daytime driving lights, large fuel tanks, large storage batteries, front protection to meet convenience, safety or other special needs. The cab mainly reflects personalization and comfort, such as the installation of luxury seats, reversing radar, large screen. Video screen system, independent air conditioning system, non-standard color of cab painting and cab color set, etc. These requirements can be based on the user’s own requirements and budget, choose their own appropriate functional configuration.


In a conclusion


It is suggested that tractor users should choose their own products based on the load bearing, their own environment and their own special needs, which will make the products reflect good economy and reliability.
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